Classroom Etiquette & Protocol

The class sessions follow the standard ATA format, which is a proven program, and is exceptionally successful in teaching self-discipline and respect. While the mood and tone of each class session may vary, the basic standard is followed. ATA classes are fun and interesting, but well disciplined. The instructor keeps order in the classroom to allow the class to be more effective. Students also find that they get more from the classes when the class is well disciplined. In order to be comfortable and knowledgeable with the courtesies expected, the new student may review the following list:

1. Students and instructors will bow to the flags each time they enter and or leave the classroom area, even if the area is not being used for workout. (The bow is the oriental “handshake” used in showing respect and feeling of community toward the flags, fellow students, and instructors).

2. If a student is tardy for class, they should bow at the edge of the workout floor and wait to be recognized by the instructor. They may then ask permission to join the class. (The instructor may then assign warm-up and or other exercises, as appropriate).

3. Students should use the restroom before coming to class. If necessary, it is acceptable during class to ask permission to be excused.

4. Students will respond “Yes/No, Sir” or “Yes/No, Ma\’am”, as appropriate, in all conversations with instructor; students will stand respectfully and bow whenever greeting an instructor, in or out of the classroom.

5. Students will address instructors by the last name and the proper title (Mr., Mrs., Miss), regardless of any personal or family relationship.

6. Students will address ALL Black Belts, youth or adult by last name and proper title (Mr., Mrs., or Miss).  Although the Junior Black Belts are still addressed as Mr. or Miss and receive their due respect, they must still listen to their parents, even if parents are color belt.

7. If a student is in the room when “Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo” pledge is recited, they must stand at attention and recite the pledge with the group, whether in uniform or not.

8. If a student does not understand a direction, they are allowed to raise their hand and ask that the instructions be repeated. A student is expected, however to pay careful attention so the class may proceed without interruption.

9. The Senior student among students of the same rank is the one who achieved the rank first. If the rank was earned at the same time, seniority may be determined by length of time in Taekwondo or by chronological age. An instructor may also prefer to “rotate” the senior position.

10. No student, regardless of rank, may instruct or correct another student without the direct and specific permission and supervision of the instructor.

11. Permission of the students instructor is required before a student may attend another ATA school.

12. Students will turn away from the instructor when adjusting their uniform.

13. Students should always seek-out, bow & greet their instructor and/or other high rank upon entering or exiting an event.

14. A student’s appearance is a reflection of his or her pride. Cleanliness of person and uniform is imperative.  Females must wear white t-shirts under their uniform. No shoes are allowed on the workout floor. No jewelry is to be worn while in uniform, wedding bands excluded. All long hair is pulled back. Please have all fingernails and toenails trimmed. Do not wear black shoes with your uniform.

15. Anytime adjusting your uniform you MUST turn away from your instructor or the flags. When in competition, turn away from opponent.

16. Parents are encouraged to be enthusiastic in class! However, avoid unnecessary conversation and speak at appropriate times. Speak with those in class only, not parents or other students not in class.

17. There will be no use of tobacco or alcohol of any kind while in uniform, in or out of the school. RESPECT THE UNIFORM AND BELT

18. Absolutely no profanity at any ATA functions.

19. High-ranking visitors to the class should be greeted with appropriate respect; if class is in session, it should immediately stop for this greeting.  If seated, you should stand and bow. Any time you greet a Master: BOW. If he/she is speaking to someone, you need not wait for recognition, respectfully bow and go on. Shake a Master’s hand only if he/she first offers.

20. Students should take responsibility to clean up after themselves in the dressing room, the restroom and the workout area out of respect to fellow students.

21. Any complaints should be taken to the instructor and not be the conversation in the dressing room.

22. Complaints, infractions, or violations of the most moral and/or ethical standards of the ATA should be reported in the proper order:

Student to Instructor

 to Head Instructor

 to Regional Advisor

 to National Officer

 23. Your ATA membership his fee will expire in 1year; it is your responsibility to renew this membership when you receive notification.

24. Gum is prohibited on the workout floor.

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