Tournament Information

Who can compete?

Any member of ATA. There are divisions for all ages, white through black belts.

Who would I compete against?

The divisions are divided by age, rank, and size within those categories, provided there are enough competitors.

What would I do?

White, orange and yellow belts compete in two categories, forms and one-steps. They are judged on their knowledge of material, technique, and attitude. Trophies are awarded for first through third place in each category. In the children’s divisions, all children receive a trophy. It is ATA’s philosophy that we reward the effort to prepare for competition, thus any child not placing first through third receives a fourth place trophy. Camo belts through black belts do forms and spar. Trophies are awarded for each category also.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your uniform and belt. White gym shoes will be needed to wear around during the day with your uniform. You compete barefooted. Camo belts and up need sparring gear, head gear, foot gear, hand gear, mouthpiece, and protective cup for males.

How do I register?

Tournament fees are $35 payable to your instructor by the Thursday before the tournament. Your instructor will register you. At the tournament, locate your instructor to receive your competitor’s card.

What about spectators?

Spectators are welcome to watch. There will be a fee payable at the door. Fees may vary.

How long will it take?

Tiny Tigers and Children compete first. Once they are done competing, they will receive their trophy. They are dismissed at this time and may leave or stay for the remainder of the tournament. Adults and black belts are usually later in the day. Black belts are expected to stay and help with judging or scorekeeping.

What about Tiny Tigers?

Tiny Tigers are a special division. We call this introduction to competition. All Tiny Tigers will receive the same size trophy. Instead of placement, they are awarded based on performance. For instance, strongest kicks, strongest hand techniques, loudest ki-hap, etc. Our goal is to create confidence in public performance. Once they progress to the junior level, they will learn competition and placing. There is also a black belt assigned to the ring to assist any Tigers.

Why should I compete?

This question varies with the individual. The one thing I can say is that those who compete usually stay with Taekwondo longer. But another very important reason is it teaches the individual to perform under uncertain conditions, similar to what would happen in an attack situation. I t also teaches us about public performances and prepares us for other forms of public appearances. For others, it’s just a love of competition. For adults, there are few opportunities after a certain age in many sports to compete.

How do I prepare?

Practice your form one-steps and/or come to sparring class.

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